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The difference

The Woodbury House Difference

Reclaimed Teak




Family is very important to every person. Hopefully everybody would feel that they are part of a family in some way. Some have started a family of their own and others have the family they are from. We often think of our close friends as family. Family is a unique and essential part of our lives and this is important to Woodbury House. We are a family business and we believe in treating people well. The culture of our company means that employees feel like they are part of something more than just a business, they feel like they are part of a family.


We pride ourselves on doing our best in everything we do and we want to offer the best experience possible to our customers. People are very interested in enhancing their home to make it more beautiful and comfortable, so they can enjoy home life more with their family. We see it as our role to assist with this special task.


Today, for more and more people, life is very busy. In some cases this means spending less time at home. Therefore they expect to make the most of the precious “time out” they do get. Our role is to listen to our customers and provide the right advice and products to assist them in the process of making their home feel like something they can really appreciate every day.


Life is full of memories. Like all families, in my family we have so many memories that we cherish either because they make us laugh, or make us cry. Good times generate good memories. Memories that will exist in the future may come as a surprise to us. We may be able to control a few and there will be many we can’t. If in some small way, the work we do at Woodbury House can enhance the homes of many families, helping to create those happy moments that create good memories, then we have achieved our purpose.


Mathew Woodbury


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About Us

Our first store is opening December 4, 2010Woodbury House Furniture is the complete offer for homemaker centres and online. We were established in 2005 as an on-line retailer and after much success opened a large retail store in Castle Hill, Sydney, in 2010. Beautiful displays, exciting products and the best customer service have all helped to create steady growth with many happy customers. In 2014 we opened our 760sqm Homebush store located in the DFO Centre. In this larger space, we have launched many new product ranges. The Homebush location is in the geographical centre of Sydney which has been very helpful to many customers. We appreciate our customers, the level of interest in our work and the great feedback we have received. We have plans in place to open several additional stores over the next decade.  


We offer a complete range of quality furniture and home ware accessories for the dining room, living room, bedroom, home office and the outdoors. We offer superior furniture products at affordable prices. We specialize in designing and manufacturing high quality teak furniture, mahogany furniture,  and cane furniture.

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Our Commitment To Quality

30 day money back satisfaction guarantee

We work with some of the best furniture makers in the world using the finest timbers and materials in the world.  We refuse to compromise on quality and that is why we offer a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee for all our internet customers.  We strive for word of mouth and repeat business and our customers are our number one priority. More details on our customer service page


See the quality, see the investment

Our furniture is built to stand the test of time.  Our expert craftsmen are guided by rigorous quality control processes as they individually machine and handcraft all of our premium furniture.  We use methods such as dove tail joints and full floating panel construction to ensure a stable and lasting product.  Critical connections are made with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery with the strictest tolerances. Each piece is precision cut to ensure a perfect “push fit” and joins are fixed using high performance glues on maximum long grain to long grain gluing surface.


Our wood is kiln dried to below 12% so there is no major cracking or splitting as the wood ages.  We hand select high quality timbers to prevent any problems with time due to wood settling.  When selecting timbers we look for characteristics that include: straight grain structure, absence of knots, splits or cracks and, an even tone in colour.  The timbers are cut and placed in a modern automated kiln drying facility where they dry over a period of 4 weeks.    

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Timbers and Materials


Teak Furniture is always the first choice for outdoor furnitureWhy is teakwood always the first choice for outdoor furniture?

This immensely stable timber has a high oil and rubber content, a natural water repellent, which makes it virtually immune to rotting and a favourite for use in constructing sailboats and other ocean sailing vessels. Our outdoor teak line of furniture weathers beautifully, season after season, and can be left untreated outside without the risk of rotting. Teak unfinished and weathered has a life expectancy of 75 years.


Teak is a tall, sturdy, evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of Southeastern Asia. Indonesian Teakwood, the favourite among shipbuilders in centuries past for its durability, is a tight-grained hardwood with a naturally high oil content making it impervious to the constant salty wind and water, withering sunlight, and lashing rains of the untamed seas.   

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RosewoodWhy Mahogany Furniture?

Swietenia or Mahogany is a genus of Meliaceae family and is one of the most beautiful grains of timber available in the world.


The trees grow 20-45 meters tall (Up to almost 150 feet), with a maximum trunk diameter of 2 meters (approximately 7 feet!) The trees can live up to 350 years and are either deciduous or evergreen. The young Mahogany wood is light but if it is stained and polished will become a beautiful reddish brown. The same occurs with age. The wood is used for several applications because of its strength and density. It has a straight grain, and a fine, even texture which accepts many kinds of stains. It is one of the hardest of the neotropical woods.


Sustainability With Mahogany

Like teak, mahogany is plantation grown.  The trees are planted, harvested and replanted to ensure the continuation of this sustainable resource. Mahogany has an extremely tight and fine grain that is absolutely stunning to look at when it is well finished. It is also highly durable evidenced by the enormous number of mahogany furniture antiques that have survived for hundreds of years.     

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RosewoodWhy Rosewood Furniture?

Rosewood furniture offers an exclusive ambience as it has a distinct colour that enhances the overall look of any interior. The wood is normally used for veneers, but we use only solid rosewood for quality furniture design. Thanks to its naturally beautiful dark color, and almost naturally polished look, Rosewood is a premium choice of hardwood furniture.

No Stain finish is required to produce this deep, rich colour. The amazing grain appearence needs only waxing to bring a gloss finish.  The density and strength of this beautiful hardwood make rosewood ideal for home furniture.

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Viro Fiber

VirofibreWhat is VIRO Fiber?

We use only VIRO fibre for our outdoor cane wicker furniture.  VIRO fibre is a synthetic, highly flexible, tensile strength polyethylene fibre made in the USA by VIRO.  Virofibers are made of HDPE, a 100% recyclable, non-toxic and highly durable material.  They have unique properties that render them insensitive to UV rays, temperature fluctuations and harsh weather conditions.  With VIRO’s exclusive extrusion process, they create beautiful synthetic fibres that are completely coloured throughout, making them smudge proof and virtually immune to fading. 


We use both Polypeel and Polyrod.  Polypeel is the most versatile fibre, lightweight and fast to weave.  It is the most popular with outdoor furniture applications.  We use polypeel in both uni-colour and two-tone.  Polyrod is a heavier rod shaped fibre.  Rods are used for classic style weaving looks.


In accelerated weather testing carried out in accordance with ISO and ASTM the fibre achieved outstanding results with no perceived difference in colour.  For more details about VIRO visit their website https://www.virofiber.com/.  Before purchasing wicker outdoor furniture ask your retailer if they use VIRO fibre to ensure you purchase a lasting product.  

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Mango Wood

MangoWhy Mango Wood Furniture?

Mango wood is a hard, dense wood with many great qualities.  Most compelling is its rather unique finish.  It displays colour properties unlike most other woods.  This is thanks to the great variety of colours a mango heartwood can have. It ranges from green, brown and yellow hue, some pieces may even have a hint of pink. With this spectacular finish, a mango furniture piece will look unique and create a fresh point of interest in any room where it is placed.


Sustainability with Mango Wood

The other great news is that this wood is also sustainable as the tree is planted mainly for its fruit. It is only timbered when it stops giving fruit. The main trunk grows up to 3-5 feet in diameter and 70-80 feet in height in a very short time span. It is predicted to be a very popular furniture material of the future. 

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Furniture Designs

We are committed to designing beautiful furniture that is comfortable AND useable

Our investment in Design

For Woodbury House Furniture, designing furniture that is attractive to many people has been the focus of enormous effort.  We are constantly talking to a wide range of people across varying age groups about what they are looking for in a design.  It is quite fascinating to see tastes that are so unique and varying.  The goal of Woodbury house is to appeal to your tastes and for this reason you will see a range of diverse designs, each one having been through hours of research, creative drafting, discussion, reiterations and final drawings.


What is meticulous design?

In addition to considering a designs aesthetic appeal, they must all meet very high standards with respect to comfort and usability.  For example every chair has been dimensioned for the maximum comfort.  Careful consideration is given to the natural contours of the human body and the optimal posture for a relaxed sitting experience.


“On a recent visit from overseas, our quality control manager described what he saw in the current Australian furniture market “its style over quality” he said.  Isn’t it true that so many furniture items have a short life span?  We have all seen that coffee table that creeks and wobbles after two years or the chair that needs it legs glued back on.  What about the outdoor furniture set that looks shabby and peeled. All these items looked fantastic in the store but now they need to be replaced.


Well at Woodbury House we are different.  We like to think about how the item looks now and how it will look in the years to come.  It can be cheaper in the long run to buy products that last a life time and don’t need replacing.  We believe in style and quality so we hope you’ll consider purchasing your next piece from us.”

A Comment From Our Managing Director,Mathew Woodbury 

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Rainforest Preservation

Sourcing our timbers

Our company’s policy is to source all our timbers from sustainable plantations. All our teak and mahogany is sourced from Java exclusively from the highly reputable Perum Perhutani plantations managed by the Indonesian government.  Read more »

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Commercial Furniture

Woodbury Commercial

If you are looking for commercial furniture you could also contact us to discuss your needs. We have completed many commerical furniture projects within industries including: pubs, clubs, restaurants, offices, resorts, nursing homes and even the military.