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- Quality Wood: The Familiar Union That Shapes a Woodbury Product

We source our quality timbers from within Australia and from overseas. We love using reclaimed timbers where possible because of its positive impact on the environment. However, where we source timbers that are not reclaimed, we always source from government certified plantations. We can do so in the knowledge that the plantation is responsibly managed, and more trees are being planted than are being felled.

- Indonesian Rainforest Preservation: Sourcing Our Timbers

Our company’s policy is to source all our timbers from sustainable plantations. All our teak and mahogany is sourced from Java exclusively from the highly reputable Perum Perhutani plantations managed by the Indonesian government. The plantations date back 150 years to when Java was a Dutch colony and settlers planted the very first teak saplings. Since that time, a great number of other plantations have grown and flourished on the island of Java. Through careful and responsible forest management, trees are constantly being planted at a rate that far exceeds those being felled.

- Woodbury and The Environment

High priority is given to continuous replanting of Indonesian timber resources. Woodbury Furniture’s timber furniture lines may be enjoyed in the knowledge that the estimated 4,000 species of tree, 500 species of mammal and 1,500 species of bird that flourish in the unique forests of Indonesia are safe and secure in their natural habitat.

The dollar value of teak and mahogany wood is increasing and this has led to an interesting recent trend in south east Asia where many families and organization are planting teak and mahogany trees wherever they can as an investment in their future. This is great for the environment and helps the local economy.