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About Us

- We're Family

Established in 2005, Woodbury is an Australian-owned family business. For us, Woodbury has always revolved around family and bringing people together.

Home is where we eat, share, relax and create memories. That’s why we focus our efforts on designing, sourcing, and manufacturing high quality wooden furniture that is unique, timeless and lasts a lifetime. Woodbury brings comfort, style and a welcoming atmosphere, helping to bring friends and family together.

Helping people to improve their homes and take pride in their indoor and outdoor areas, Woodbury is a furniture company that designs and manufactures high quality, wooden furniture that lasts a lifetime.


- Crafted Furniture. For life.

From unique and modern pieces, to classic favourites; quality wood is the familiar union that shapes a Woodbury product.

It’s timeless, long lasting, and quality driven.

Our designs draw upon the qualities of wood, including texture, form, and colour. The features of wood embody the craft and thought that go into each piece of furniture Woodbury carries.

We are dedicated to the design of unique and stylish, yet functional furniture.


- Sourced Right

We take the time to source the right materials. Only sourcing from sustainable plantations and using reclaimed timbers are central to our commitment to caring for the environment. Quality wood is the common theme in our design and manufacturing process. We find timbers that are rich in detail and texture, with natural feature and seek their best application. That’s why we are always working to source quality timbers and using them to create lifetime pieces that you’ll love.

- Our History

In 2005, Mathew Woodbury together with his wife Nerida, began the journey of designing, sourcing, and retailing quality furniture for the Australian marketplace.

Based in Sydney, the family business initially catered to an online audience and evolved greatly over the years. The showroom in Castle Hill, Sydney opened in 2010 and continues to be a great success today. As well as assisting thousands of Australians beautify their homes, Woodbury has also partnered with many large and small businesses around the country to provide for their commercial furniture needs. Continued growth and success have been due to the development of unique, quality products and a focus on looking after our customer’s needs before, during and after the purchase is made.

With a focus on quality wood, the furniture range has expanded greatly as the company continues to win praise for its unique and timeless products. Over the last 18 years, the team has grown and evolved, particularly with regards to strategic sourcing and product design. Today Mathew continues to provide input into this process as Director and Chairman, collaborating closely with the General Manager, Ashlie McKinnon, who runs the day-to-day operations of the business.

- Our Timbers

All our outdoor furniture is made from very high-quality materials such as teak wood, reclaimed teak and viro fibre wicker.

Our indoor furniture ranges for the dining room, office and bedroom include designs that range from classic to traditional and also contemporary. All pieces have been designed using the familiar union of quality wood.

The timbers we use include plantation teak, reclaimed teak, feature grade Australian messmate, Tasmanian oak, mahogany, American oak, and others.