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Collection: Display Cabinets

A place to store and show the keepsakes you've collected on the journey.

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Display Cabinets

Keep your most prized possessions safe in a beautiful glass display case. Not only do they strike a bold complement to your living spaces, but it also features a door panel that can be closed to hide away treasured keepsakes. When added to the dining area, display cabinets are the ideal complement to your dining tables to create a lavish dining setting.

Woodbury Furniture offers industry-leading design for glass display cabinets that combines fashion, functionality and quality into one. It’s like having your private museum in your living room with its elegant raised panel doors, shelves, and a top shelf perfectly sized for treasured items and memorabilia.

Within our collection of dining room furniture, glass cabinets and custom woodwork, you’ll find our glass display cabinets. Despite a simple, understated design, glass cabinets greatly impact the look and feel of your room. 

Showcase Collections In Your Glass Display Cabinet

Glass display cases allow you to showcase your art, ceramics and antiques with style while enclosing them to protect them from dust or the curious hands of children. Display your treasured keepsakes in an elegant setting where you can share them with friends.

Storing items in a glass cabinet will not only allow you to show off your collection, but this is an excellent way to ensure that these items are safe and dust-free. If you’re storing breakable items, display cases help secure your most prized possessions from possible damage. 

Stylish Storage Furniture With Woodbury

With an expert eye, master craftsmen from Woodbury Furniture will beautifully construct a range of storage furniture like sideboard buffets and display cases to help create a warm yet modern and inviting space. Explore our assortment of storage solutions to find the right fit for you. We'll even help you with a custom build if you can't find what you need! Shop now to find the right storage solution for your home.