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Product Care

- Caring For A-Grade Teak

Caring for teak will vary depending on what sort of look you want to create and also whether it will be used under cover of totally outside. At Woodbury we sell A Grade teak with a super fine sanded finish. This means it is raw timber with no oils or stains applied. Most people love the way teak looks unfinished (provided it is A Grade) and have no desire to apply oil. Others however prefer the oiled look. If so we recommend Sikkens products Sadolin Hardwood oil or Sikkens HLS. We carry a range of these oils providing various colour options in our Sydney store. Once an oil is applied it needs to be re-oiled once every year or two if it is kept in an undercover environment (please note if Sadolin Hardwood oil "clear" is chosen it needs to be applied more frequently because there is no pigment in this oil).   The second product we recommend is Golden Care. For more information about oil products for teak you could view our teak FAQ on the teak page.

If the furniture is to be used totally outside, exposed to full weather, first it is important to make a choice as to whether or not you like the weathered teak look. Unlike other timbers that weather to a muddy grey, good quality teak weathers to a beautiful silver grey colour. It is quite popular and many people buy A grade teak for this reason. If you choose this path then once a year simply clean the furniture with soapy water. If you change your mind about this later, you can always clean the furniture with a high pressure hose and get it back to its original colour.

The alternative options for outside are to apply oils or to use a furniture cover. We sell high quality water proof furniture covers made by Shelta Australia. They have strong Velcro components that simply go around the base the furniture. The covers are big enough to cover a whole setting including chairs. The other option is to apply oils. As mentioned above, there are specific oils we recommend. In an outside environment these would need to be reapplied approximately every 12 months.

- Reclaimed Teak

Our recommendations regarding caring for reclaimed teak are the same as with plantation teak as described above. You may also like to view our teak FAQ on our teak furniture page.

- Indoor Mahogany

Finished, indoor mahogany needs very little maintenance. Table wax and other furniture cleaners work well. When choosing a polish choose one that contains beeswax.

You'll want to dust with a soft cloth every once and a while.

Aged mahogany should be polished with a wax to help maintain the wood.

Protect from direct sunlight and heat sources, both direct and through heating vents. We advise not to use mahogany furniture in a room that has heating vents in the floor.

- Wicker

Our outdoor wicker products are made from synthetic fibres that require little maintenance. They are resistant to fading and splitting in an outdoor environment. Our Kubu range is made from Viro Fibre and has a 5 year warranty outdoors. Our Hamptons range is made from a quality material that can also be used outside but only has a 2 year warranty outside. Both products are suitable for under cover areas. The Viro Fibre will last longer in an outdoor setting.

The wicker can be cleaned with soapy water from time to time but other than that does not require any maintenance. The cushion covers can be removed and washed.

- Messmate

Our indoor messmate furniture is finished with a quality permanent indoor finish that requires little maintenance. Although it is not strictly necessary, the furniture could benefit from the application of an indoor furniture polish from time to time.