Sydney’s Home of Teak Outdoor Furniture

- Why Choose Teak?

Teak is considered to be the best wood to use for outdoor furniture. Teak outdoor furniture is immensely stable because the timber has a high oil content, a natural water repellent that is virtually immune to rotting and termites.

It is a tall, sturdy, evergreen tree indigenous to the tropical climate of south eastern Asia.

Indonesian Teakwood, the favourite among shipbuilders in centuries past for its durability, is a tight-grained hardwood which is impervious to the constant salty wind and water, withering sunlight, and lashing rains of the untamed seas.

We offer a range of teak chairs, dining tables, garden benches, and other outdoor tables or furniture settings for you to browse.


- Our Outdoor Furniture Is Made Using Only Superior Materials

At Woodbury Furniture in Sydney we use A-grade teak with a super fine sanded finish. We do not apply any oils or stains. Because of this, when looking at the quality of the timber you can be sure that you are getting the best grade. When it has been stained, it can be harder to determine whether it is A-grade or an inferior grade. By finishing the wood with a super fine sanded finish we are able to give each customer the choice as to which path they want to take in relation to product care.


- Beautifully Crafted Solutions Which Are Built To Last

Teak is such a beautiful timber - most people love its natural look. Others prefer to oil the furniture and we provide oils and advice in relation to caring for the products. Please visit our Caring for A-grade Teak page to learn more.

At Woodbury Furniture we sell beautifully designed furniture for the bedroom, office, outdoor and more throughout Sydney and Australia. We use the best construction technique to ensure we make pieces that last a very long time.

Please watch our videos to find out more about our furniture making. We can even tailor design specific furniture items to meet your individual requirements. Allow us to help you craft that perfect piece which reflects your individual sense of style.

- How Can We Help?

If you were seeking additional information on our fantastic Sydney teak furniture range, or had any general questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us today. Call us on 1300 887 289 and one of our friendly staff will gladly run you through our teak outdoor furniture which is available throughout Australia.

- Why is teak the best wood for outdoor furniture?

Teak is the best wood to use for outdoor furniture because it has a high oil content which means that water can’t get inside the wood, making it immune to rotting so it will last a very long time outside. Also, if left outside to weather, it weathers to nice colour, a silver grey rather than a muddy grey. Some people love the silver grey, but if they don’t, they can bring the furniture back to its original colour by using a high-pressure hose or by sanding it back.


- How to design a great outdoor space using teak furniture

When designing an outdoor space, teak furniture has many advantages. It can work really well in both contemporary designed outdoor areas and classic backyard decks. Many of the tables available include extensions which can reduce in size when they are not in use. This is a popular feature because it means space can be saved when the area is not in use or at times when there is a smaller gathering.


- Can teak furniture be left outside?

Teak outdoor furniture can be left outside in full sun and rain. If you are looking for timber outdoor furniture to go outside in full sun, teak is the best choice by far. Its high oil content makes it virtually immune to rotting. It does not need to have oil applied to it because it has its own natural oil inside the wood. This means it is very low maintenance outdoor furniture that lasts a very time outside.

- Do I need to oil teak outdoor furniture?

Because teak wood naturally has a very high oil content, teak outdoor furniture does not need to be oiled to extend its lifetime. It lasts a very long time outside without oil being applied. Some people choose to oil their furniture because they want to maintain an oiled finish. However, oiling requires ongoing maintenance whereas not oiling requires no maintenance.


- How does teak look when it is weathered?

If the timber is not oiled and is kept in a shaded area, it will maintain close to its original appearance. If it is left in direct sun it will slowly weather to a beautiful silver patina. It can be easily brought back to its original appearance by using a high-pressure hose or by sanding it back.


- What is the best finish for outdoor teak furniture?

If you would like to apply an oil to your teak outdoor furniture, we recommend 2 products. The water-based product is called Golden Care. Golden Care have a range of colour stain finishes that look very nice. Being water based makes it more forgiving for those who may be unable to reapply the oil on a regular basis. If it is applied and not reapplied, it does not go through an “ugly” stage as the oil product breaks down. The other product we recommend is Sadolin Hardwood Oil. It comes in a stained finish where there is a pigment in the oil, but also comes in a clear finish. This oil-based product comes up very beautifully but does require a commitment to regularly oil the product.


- If I like the raw timber look of teak, how can I keep the table from getting stained by food and drinks?

To keep your teak outdoor dining table looking nice and free from stains, you can apply a great product called Golden Care Teak Shield. It uses nano technology to prevent liquid from soaking into the wood so that it can be wiped off leaving no marks on the wood. It is very simple to apply with a cloth and should be applied to the table top every 3-6 months. One bottle tends to go a long way, can be used for many applications and therefore lasts a very long time.


- Can I pressure wash teak wood?

Silver grey teak wood can be brought back to its original raw timber appearance by using a high-pressure hose. Care must be taken not to get too close to the wood and to avoid applying the pressure washer around the joins in the wood.