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A handy guide to cleaning outdoor chairs

Whilst teak and aluminium outdoor chairs require minimal to no maintenance, some people like to keep them clean and tidy, looking as good as new. Cleaning outdoor chairs can be specific to the materials used in their construction, the cleaning agent and the type of cleaning apparatus you use. 

Follow this handy guide for a complete list of instructions on how to clean outdoor chairs to ensure they remain neat and tidy in the years ahead.  

How often should I clean outdoor chairs?

Most outdoor chairs only require cleaning once every season, but if desired they can be wiped down regularly to prevent any dirt build-up. If you use the proper cleaning products on your outdoor chairs, there’s no risk that regular cleaning will cause any damage to your furniture. 

Tips for cleaning outdoor wooden chairs

Teak blaxland arm chair

The Teak Blaxland Arm Chair

Wood is one of the most common materials used for outdoor furniture. Whilst wooden outdoor chairs, particularly those made of teak, are resistant to the Australian climate, they can be given a regular clean if desired which will remove any build-up of dirt or other unwanted grime. 

Cleaning outdoor chairs made from wood is as simple as washing them down with a solution of soapy water and using a soft cloth to avoid damaging the wood. For more stubborn build-ups of dirt or grime, a touch of bleach can be used in the solution. An alternative to bleach is to use white vinegar which is a great way to remove more stubborn stains. For particularly stubborn marks, Golden Care have a fantastic product called Teak Cleaner which produces great results.  

Once the cleaning is complete, the solution can be hosed off with water at a normal pressure leaving your wooden chairs revived and ready to enjoy.

Cleaning tips for aluminium outdoor chairs

Mackay Dining Chair in Charcoal

The Mackay Outdoor Dining Chair in Charcoal

Aluminium outdoor chairs only require occasional cleaning as the surface works to help avoid the build-up of dirt. 

To clean your aluminium chairs, simply spray on a mild cleaning agent, wipe down with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush and rinse the chair with water. It is important to avoid using harsh cleaning agents such as bleach when cleaning aluminium outdoor chairs as they can harm the finish of your outdoor furniture. 

After you have finished washing your outdoor dining chairs, they can be left in partial sun to dry before being packed away or placed back into your outdoor seating arrangement.

How to clean your outdoor wicker chairs

Kubu Dining Chairs Synthetic Wicker

Vinegard Dining Table and Kubu Outdoor Dining Chair in Banana

Wicker is a great material for keeping your outdoor chairs clean and looking great. The sustainable material used in our wicker chairs is resistant to the build-up of moisture and dirt, so you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning your chairs.

Warm soapy water is all you will typically need to clean outdoor chairs made of wicker. Use a soft cloth or a sponge to wipe away any dirt that has collected on the surface of your chair and the furniture can then be rinsed with a normal hose. 

Although unlikely, if the wicker chairs have developed some kind of stain or a build of foreign matter, a white vinegar solution, two tablespoons mixed with a cup of water, is a great natural way to help remove unwanted spots without damaging the wicker. Wicker chairs are very quick to air dry and the cushions can then be put back on the seats, leaving your chairs ready for their next use.

How to clean outdoor fabric chairs

Kai dining chair

The Kai Dining Chair in Charcoal 

Outdoor lounge chairs are possibly the most comfortable outdoor furniture you can own. They are low maintenance and don't really require cleaning unless it is desired to keep them in pristine condition. In all our outdoor lounge chair styles, the cushion covers will be removable and can easily be machine-washed and sun-dried. You can dry an outdoor lounge chair in a neutral environment or under direct sunlight.

For chairs without removable covers, you can create a soapy solution of ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid combined with 1 cup of water that can be sprayed onto areas that require cleaning. 

Before scrubbing, it is best to leave the sprayed fabric in direct sunlight for 15-20 minutes to allow the solution to soak in before scrubbing the affected areas with a soft bristle brush. You can also use vinegar to spot clean unwanted marks and stains on our outdoor lounge chairs. Golden Care Fabric Cleaner and Fabric Protector are also helpful products.

Cleaning your sun lounges

monte carlo reclaimed teak sun lounger

The Reclaimed Teak Monte Carlo Sun Lounger with Charcoal Cushion

As sun lounges remain outside in the weather more often than any other outdoor furniture, they may be exposed to more dirt. Sun, rain and wind can all affect the cleanliness of your sun lounges. Like other quality outdoor furniture they require minimal to no maintenance. Some people are keen to keep them looking clean and tidy so they may wish to undergo cleaning from time to time.  

Most sun lounges are made of either wood or aluminium. To ensure that your sun lounges are properly cleaned, you should follow the instructions above for how to clean metal outdoor chairs or wooden chairs for the best results. If your sun lounge has fabric cushions, the instructions for how to clean outdoor fabric chairs above will also help complete the cleaning process.

If you have questions about cleaning outdoor chairs, the team at Woodbury Furniture are always ready to help. You can contact us anytime for expert advice on cleaning your outdoor chairs for the best possible results. 

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