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Will wicker work in the harsh Australian weather?

A common concern that customers raise regarding outdoor dining furniture is they are not confident that wicker-based furnishings can withstand the harsh Australian sun, as well as the wind and rain. They do not want the responsibility of having to race home when it starts to rain to make sure they bring their outdoor benches and furnishings under-cover, nor do they want the wicker itself to tear or fade after a short amount of time.

Our customers want low maintenance outdoor dining furniture as well as the reassurance that whatever they leave outside can be exposed to all weather conditions with minimal damage.

Cane & Synthetic

There are two types of wicker furnishings available on the market- cane and synthetic. Cane is a natural product and will not be a viable long-term option if left outside in the Australian weather. Cane furniture is vulnerable when it comes to moisture changes in the air and will eventually become brittle in the dry weather.

The other option, synthetic wicker is the wiser choice for outdoor dining furniture. It does not face the same issue of durability as cane.  At Woodbury, we are thrilled to be able to provide our customers with the reassurance that both our Hamptons and Kubu Synthetic Wicker Chair types can be left out and are going to be okay in rain, hail, or shine!

Kubu & Hamptons

We have two types of synthetic wicker in our range of outdoor dining furniture offerings - The Kubu Outdoor Dining Collection features a fantastic chair range - covering the Kubu Tub Chair, the Kubu Bates Armchair and Kubu Bates Side Chair and the second range being the Hamptons Alfresco Chairs.

The Kubu Chair Range

Within our Kubu Range, we offer a tub chair in 4 colours: Banana, Natural, Cappuccino and White, as well as the Kubu Bates Armchair in Cappuccino and the Kubu Bates Side Chair in Cappuccino- however the Kubu Bates Chairs can certainly be customised to the available colours by order. The Kubu range has a lot of qualities that make them the superior choice for outdoor dining furniture.

kubu white dining chairThe Kubu Outdoor Dining Chair in White

The Kubu collection is made with a product called Viro Fibre. This is made in the USA by a company called Viro. Viro Fibre is a true colour- meaning that each of the woven rods are the same colour the whole way through. The benefit of this is that the Kubu chairs will never fade, as it is the exact same colour underneath. Additionally, it does not visibly scratch as you cannot scratch away a true colour. We consider the Kubu Chairs the “Rolls Royce” option, and they come with the peace of mind of a 5-year warranty that applies to splitting and fading as well as the structural frame.

The cushions are inter-changeable, and you can choose from a range of fabric shades including charcoal, beige, medium grey and light grey. They are weather resistant and fine to sit on in wet swimmers and they can withstand a little rain, but for heavy downpours it would be best advised to bring them in as the water could damage the cushion insert. The covers themselves are UV resistant and will not fade.

The Hamptons Chair

Due to the popularity of the Kubu Chairs, we launched a more affordable version known as the Hamptons Chair which is available in two colours: Rattan Grey and White. The material that the chairs are made from is called U-VAX. This is a synthetic wicker that is weather resistant, and the base is made with aluminium, rendering it perfect for your outdoor dining set. The chair pad is made from polyester (and is not weather resistant) so we would recommend bringing the pad in when not in use to ensure longevity.

U Vax is colourfast, waterproof, UV resistant and weatherproof. It can stand out in all weather, making it perfect for outdoor dining furniture. The material is a combination of High-Density Polyethylene and Low-Density Polyethylene and UV resistant chemicals.

The Hamptons Chairs are a great option for outdoor dining furniture. Though we recommend bringing the pad inside, it can certainly withstand the elements and see you through many years enjoying your outdoor space. It is comfortable, durable, lightweight, and attractive. The most popular colour is the rattan grey due to its “natural” colouring that allows it to complement almost any timber table.

We’ve increased production to meet the incredible demand. Many customers order 8-12 at a time on average, but it is also a popular option to use two beside a small side table for a coffee and newspaper nook on an en suite balcony or similar.

The Hamtons Outdoor Dining Chairs in Rattan Grey

The Hamptons Outdoor Dining Chairs in Rattan Grey with our Reclaimed Teak Vinegard Outdoor Dining Table

Where To From Here?

While the Kubu range does come with a higher price tag, in a lot of cases customers find the investment a no-brainer. They have got the peace of mind that it will face no issues being exposed to the elements, it is the kind of quality in any outdoor furniture set that will see it last for many, many more years to come.

Whether fully exposed or undercover, you will not be disappointed with either type of synthetic wicker stocked at Woodbury. We are happy to discuss with you what is the better option and make recommendations for your outdoor dining furniture, so please feel free to give us a call or pop into one of our Sydney Showrooms.

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