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How to create a cosy & inviting living room with Woodbury Furniture

Creating a cosy living room is a personal and ongoing process that involves experimenting with different elements and adjusting them to suit your preferences and lifestyle. If you require guidance to transform your living room into a cosy and inviting space, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to create a warm living room and outline the benefits of incorporating cosy armchairs and other living room pieces from Woodbury Furniture. 

How to create a cosy living room

When thinking of how to create a modern living room, keep in mind that it’s all about cultivating an inviting and warm atmosphere where you can relax and unwind. Here are some crucial elements to consider as you create your own living room for optimal relaxation and comfort:
Soft lighting — Opt for soft, warm lighting options, such as table lamps with warm-toned bulbs or floor lamps with diffused light. Consider adding dimmers to control the intensity of the lighting and create a cosy glow.

Cosy textures
— Incorporate various textures into your living room to enhance the cosy feel. Soft rugs allow you to easily create zones in the living room, while chunky knit throws and plush curtains go a long way to adding comfort. Mix materials like velvet, faux fur and wool to create a tactile experience.
Natural elements — Bring nature indoors by adding plants, flowers or even a small indoor garden. The presence of greenery lends a calming and refreshing vibe to your living room.

Personal touches — Display cherished photos, artwork or sentimental objects that evoke positive emotions. These personal touches add warmth and make your living room feel more intimate. 

Ambient sounds — Consider incorporating soothing background sounds, such as instrumental music or nature sounds. Soft music or the gentle crackling of a fireplace can contribute to a cosy atmosphere.

silvie tub chair chesterfield leather

Chesterfield Silvie Tub chair

        The subtle effect of cosy armchairs 

        When it comes to creating a warm living room, another important element is armchairs. These versatile pieces of furniture provide additional seating options and add a touch of luxury and comfort to your space. Woodbury Furniture offers a wide range of Chesterfield leather armchairs that are designed to elevate your living room's cosiness factor. 

        Our Chesterfield chairs feature a timeless design that originated in the 18th century. They include a deep, button-tufted backrest and rolled arms with the same tufted detailing. The chair's backrest and armrests have a gentle curve, creating an elegant and inviting silhouette. 

        Let's dive into some key features of our collection:

        Soft upholstery for maximum comfort — One of the defining characteristics of Woodbury Furniture's armchairs is their soft upholstery. Sink into the plush cushions and experience the ultimate comfort as you relax after a long day. Choose from a variety of colours and textures to find the perfect armchair that complements your existing décor.

        High-quality construction — Our Chesterfield wing chairs were made by expert craftsmen with the finest Tasman leather and a hardwood frame. The leather is smooth and richly coloured, adding a sophisticated and upscale look to your space. Each Chesterfield chair is designed to stand the test of time, so you can enjoy your armchair for years. 

        Designed for optimal support — Woodbury Furniture understands the importance of proper support for your body while you lounge in your armchair. Our collection features Chesterfield leather armchairs with unique, form-hugging designs that prioritise your comfort. 

        Additional seating options — With Woodbury Furniture’s Chesterfield armchairs, you can effortlessly create additional seating options in your living room. Place armchairs and lounges by the fireplace for a cosy reading nook or position them next to a Woodbury side table — this makes an ideal corner for having intimate conversations. Feel free to mix and match different styles and colours to add visual interest and personality to your living room.

        chesterfield arm chair

        Chesterfield Kingston Wing Chair

          Explore Woodbury Furniture's remarkable collection

          Incorporating Woodbury Furniture's quality furniture, particularly our selection of Chesterfield armchairs, is a surefire way to create a cosy living room

          Striving to make our pieces as available to as many Australians as possible, we offer nationwide shipping. And because we are confident in the unparalleled quality of our products, we also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all online purchases.

          In addition to our online presence, Woodbury Furniture also has showrooms in Castle Hill and Caringbah NSW, where you can view and experience the quality of our armchairs and other pieces in person. 

          Whether you prefer classic elegance or contemporary chic, Woodbury Furniture has a wide range of living room furniture to suit your taste. Transform your living room into a haven of relaxation and warmth with Woodbury Furniture's exquisite collection.

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