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What type of tables can be used outdoors?

In the world of furniture, there’s a prominent question that floats around without a clear-cut answer, leading to confusion and hesitance when trying to find the right table. This complicates what should be an enjoyable and gratifying experience. You may be asking yourself, what type of table can I use outdoors?

Though tables are versatile pieces of furniture, many assume they're all the same and that it’s unimportant whether they're designed for indoors or outdoors. The truth is that there are key differences between indoor and outdoor tables, and what materials are best for longevity outdoors. We’ve composed an explanation detailing the key factors that define the purpose of an outdoor table, and what materials are best for outdoor use.

Can I make an indoor table an outdoor table?

Indoor dining tables are the centrepiece of your dining room. With that being said, almost all indoor dining tables are only designed for indoor use, and should be left inside in a controlled environment. 

Moisture in the air expands the wood of your indoor table when it is placed outdoors. Your furniture will be subject to cracking and warping because it has been exposed to variable temperatures and the eroding effects of the elements. 

With moisture and varying temperatures, mould and mildew can begin growing when a table is not purposed against them. The inside of your home will always be at a more consistent temperature and environment for indoor tables. Issues arising from placing an indoor table outdoors can provide risks and hazards regarding the structural stability and safe-use of the table.

What is the purpose of having an outdoor table?

The materials used to make outdoor dining tables are different to those used for indoor tables, as are the designs and construction processes. Indoor tables are designed to withstand normal wear and tear, while outdoor tables are made for durability in harsh weather conditions and varying environments.

Outdoor tables provide a solid, safe and reliable place to relax and enjoy time spent outdoors, whether with close family and friends, or for larger events. These tables should be designed and constructed from the best available materials to endure through varying weather conditions and exposure to sun, rain and winds.

It’s very difficult to compare an indoor table to an outdoor table, as although their core function is a surface to be sat at, for food and beverages, they are designed for completely different environments. It is much safer to use an outdoor table inside, than an indoor table outside.

What timber is the best for outdoor use?

There are an abundance of timbers used in designs and production of the ever growing furniture world, but there are some important differences in what timbers are the most ideal for outdoor use. 

Teak is a hardwood renown as the best timber for outdoor use. It has a naturally high oil content and high density wood grain. It naturally repels moisture and insects from damaging the timber due to the substantial natural oils in the timber. 

Durability and longevity is a common concern for outdoor tables. Teak is unambiguous, being known to last decades with minimal maintenance and as one of the most durable hardwoods available. It’s versatile and can be left uncovered, exposed to the elements.

It’s also worth noting the natural beauty of teak. Lustrous golden honey-brown characteristics underline the premium quality and aesthetics of the timber. Teak, if left to natural weather, ages to a beautiful patina silvery-grey, esteemed for its unique and sophisticated allure.

You can maintain the natural honey-brown colour of teak, or reverse aged teak to its natural colour with a bit of cleaning and care using some inexpensive products.

Find the right table that’s ideal for your space

At Woodbury Furniture, we only use the best available teak from sustainable plantations in our durable and elegant tables, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your outdoor furniture is designed for exactly that… the outdoors!

When purposing a table for outdoor use, you want to be sure you get one properly designed for your space, so you can enjoy longevity and peace of mind. When looking for outdoor dining tables, you can choose whether it's extendable, reclaimed teak, timber or aluminium to complete your outdoor setting. Woodbury Furniture also has a wide range of indoor tables with varying styles, sizes, finishes and colours that you can choose from.

reclaimed teak dining table

The Reclaimed Teak and Wicker 9 Piece Vinegard Kubu Dining Setting 

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