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Finding the most comfortable outdoor chair

There are many types and styles of outdoor chairs available on the market. These chairs vary a lot in terms of comfort, style and durability. However, depending on the space that you have available and your décor preferences, some chairs will be more comfortable than others. 

If you are considering the question of  what is the most comfortable outdoor chair for the space that you have available, then read through our handy guide on how to find the style of outdoor chair that is right for you. 

What to look for in comfortable outdoor seating

When you are searching for the most comfortable outdoor chair for your home, there are a few things that you should first take into account. 


The chair you choose will need to fit nicely within your space. A number of factors will influence the kind of chair you buy such as whether you are looking for a compact outdoor chair option to fit on a small balcony or a collection of outdoor dining chairs to complete an outdoor area. 


It’s important to ensure that the style of chair you choose blends perfectly with the rest of your outdoor décor. You may be specifically looking for an aluminium chair to complete a particularly modern look or a bench seat to create the perfect picnic feel for your outdoor area. Teak and wicker outdoor chairs tend to work very well in a range of outdoor settings.


The materials used in the outdoor chair of your choice will affect the level of comfort that you experience in years to come. While outdoor lounge chairs are great for the ultimate relaxed comfort, you may be looking at outdoor dining rather than lounging and an outdoor wicker, teak or aluminium dining chair might be the more suitable and still comfortable option.

Choosing a comfortable wooden outdoor chair

Bakke Teak Outdoor Dining Chair

Bakke Outdoor Dining Chair with Arms

Wood is a common choice for use in the manufacture of outdoor dining chairs. Wooden outdoor chairs can be both comfortable and beautiful. The design of a wooden outdoor chair will dictate the comfort levels you experience from the chair. This design style and therefore level of comfort, will help you decide what is the most comfortable Australian outdoor chair for your space.

When searching for the ultimate comfort for your wooden outdoor chair, it is important to consider the type of wood. Our wooden outdoor chairs at Woodbury Furniture are constructed from sustainably sourced teak. This wood is widely known to be the best wood for outdoor furniture due to its climate-resistant qualities. 

It is always pleasing to know that your teak outdoor chair is not only comfortable, but is also sustainably sourced with no environmental impacts. This is the case with all chairs at Woodbury Furniture.

Aluminium outdoor chairs offer comfort and style

Rockdale Arm chair and Miami Reclaimed teak table

Rockdale Outdoor Dining Chair in Black

Aluminium chairs can be some of the most comfortable outdoor seating options, as the frames can be moulded and contoured to provide important back and lumbar support. Considering an aluminium chair option would be wise if you and your guests intend to be seated for long periods. 

If you are searching for the right kind of sun lounge for your home, the Woodbury collection of aluminium sun lounge choices is incredible in its style and high-quality design, making them more comfortable than most. 

Using comfy wicker furniture outdoors

Kubu Wicker dining chair and vinegard reclaimed teak

Kubu Dining Chair in White

Wicker chairs equally look and feel comfortable in any outdoor seating area. Wicker dining chairs are a wonderful choice for those who have the space for larger dining areas. Wicker seating can be tailored and contoured in the manufacturing process to ensure that they provide some of the most comfortable and high-quality outdoor seating options available.  Wicker chairs also have the benefit of being easy to clean

Wicker outdoor seating has an ability to give the appearance of luxury and comfort in a well-designed space. If you want to create just the right ambience for your backyard, consider using the variety of colours and designs in the Woodbury wicker range. 

How to choose the most comfortable outdoor lounge chairs

juliet lounge setting

Juliet Outdoor Lounge Setting

For those looking to bring high-quality Australian living to the outdoors, a lush and comfortable outdoor lounge chair might be a good option. Though many may not have the space for an entire outdoor lounge setting, a single stylish lounge chair that is designed for relaxation and comfort could be the ideal alternative. 

Outdoor lounge chairs have multiple factors that indicate their comfort levels which include: 

- Design
- Manufacturing quality
- Materials
- Cushioning

    Choose your ultimate outdoor lounge chair by recognising the design's quality, the recline angle and the space you have available.

    Get comfortable with sun lounges

    teak laguna sun lounger

    Laguna Sun Lounger with Black Linen cushion

    Sun lounges are a popular choice for Australian households and are a great way to relax in a horizontal position. Whether poolside or out on the deck, a comfortable sun lounge can be a fantastic addition to your outdoor furniture collection.

    The comfort of your sun lounge can depend on your ability to recline your chair as finding the right angle in the fixed position of a sun lounge can be the most important factor. 

    Only choose the best outdoor bench from Woodbury Furniture

    teak lion bench

    Teak Lion Bench

    For those who don’t have the space for individual outdoor seating, an outdoor bench could be the answer. With high-quality materials utilised in construction, an outdoor bench can be the perfect solution to provide larger seating numbers without sacrificing too much space. 

    Deciding what the most comfortable outdoor chair is will be different for everyone. Options will vary depending on the space that you have available and the ambience you are trying to create. For quality construction and industry-leading designs, browse the Woodbury collection of outdoor chairs today to find the most comfortable and suitable outdoor chair.

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