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Monte Carlo - flexible, adaptable, solid

The Monte Carlo is one of our most popular ranges. It’s got a very unique design, and the reclaimed timber we use is quite rare.

This contemporary lounge setting is sure to impress your guests. From its sleek but solid proportions to generous seating space, this range is flexible and adaptable in any space and can be configured in multiple ways.

Big, Thick, Ottoman Cushions

This year, when we’ve got a lot of good reasons to be outdoors, this is great furniture for an Aussie summer.

And the Monte Carlo looks amazing! Whether you’re sitting in it, or you’re just looking at it, it really makes an impact. It’s very comfortable, with its big, thick cushions. The Reclaimed teak and the thick, weather-resistant cushions also mean there is minimal maintenance required.

A Social Setting  

The Monte Carlo gives you the feeling of having lots of space. You don’t feel cramped.

This means when you have people over, it just feels very social.  When you’re with friends, it’s a bit like sitting around in a lounge room, except you’re outside.

But it also works if you want to laze around by yourself reading a book or checking your mobile.


It’s virtually indestructible! (I’ve got teenage boys and all their mates come around. They’re not going to be able to break this!)

The most popular cushion colours - by far - are charcoal, followed by black. But you can get it in other colours. You can select the different cushion colours online.

Those darker colours don’t show the dirty marks much at all. That means you don’t have to worry too much about kids on there.

All the covers are removable and you can wash them anyway.

Its always a good idea to measure the space. On our web page, every piece has dimensions. You can draw it up with chalk or some newspaper, to make sure the pieces fit comfortably.

Popular With Men 

The Monte Carlo is particularly popular with the men! Women like it as well, but there’s not a single male who says they don’t like it!

Matt relayed the story of a lady that came into the store looking at outdoor lounging options. She mentioned that her husband was in another building and she would call him to come over.  Matt told her: “I can tell you he’ll love the Monte Carlo. I know because I have not met a guy yet who doesn't love it.” Sure enough, once she called him over, he looked the Monte and pointed and said "that one". The lady laughed.  It’s just how it goes.

It may be the solidness of it, the look of the big arms, or its rustic character. It has wide arms, you can put a beer on there. If you have more than one beer, underneath the arm, there’s a little shelf there. As a customer pointed out to Tony once, "That's where the empties go".

The arm is 15 cm wide and it’s flat. It’s like having a side table. You can put a plate on there.


Mix 'n' Match 

People get all kinds of combinations, and you can mix and match on the Woodbury Furniture website.

The coffee table has the same width as the two-seater, and you can buy cushions that fit on the coffee table, and push it up to the two seater to make a daybed.

The coffee table and the side table can serve as ottomans. Both can have thick cushions on them.

Always the life of the party, the Monte Carlo outdoor lounge is unique, attractive and highly functional. Made from rare reclaimed teak wood acquired from old buildings, it is super comfortable and has loads of character.

“What we try to do is develop unique products; products that are exciting and different. It’s furniture which you can’t get elsewhere”, says Mathew Woodbury of Woodbury Furniture. “We make things that are unique and that have a story behind them.”

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